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Art, Not Art
Art, Not Art
August 2004-Present

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In Art, Not Art, I sit at a table adorned with various props equipped a reversible sign attached to the front of the table reading 'ART' on one side and 'NOT ART' on the other. People walk up and I explain that they can change the sign if they wish, or even take a turn sitting behind the table making their own case. I engage in a dialogue with the art viewing public as to why they think the sign should read one thing, or the other. I have done this performance four times since 2004. The first two images are from the 4th Annual Stick to Your Guns show in Roanoke, VA in 2004. The third is from the Glee Medicine show at the Monarch Gallery in Kansas City, MO in March 2009. Although the objects used on the table could really be anything I suppose, I have always used a kitschy board game and dead fish, however I may change the fish out with something else as the last time I did this somebody took it upon themselves to throw the fish at me.