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Let's Have a Four-way Mr. Kosha
Let's Have a Four-way Mr. Kosha
November 2008

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This work was installed in situ at the Paragraph Gallery near the restroom doors for the show On View. Sixteen light switches installed in conduit mounted on the wall all controlling one spotlight shining on a shelf in the gallery. This Installation combines wiring skills aquired while remodeling my house and a shelf for appreciating anything placed upon it. A 4-way switch allows you to control a light source from three or more locations, and has four wire terminals hence the name. "Mr. Kosha" refers to a ceramic piece in the collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in which a striped figure holds a hand out with nothing in it, appreciating anything you could imagine he might be holding. This is a variation on the Pineapple Installation included in The Quiet Show at the aAlice Gallery. If this installation were to be purchased or installed elsewhere the conduit could be easily refomed to suit another space.

The sculpture the title refers to can be seen here.